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‘Governor Samuel Ortom is not a thief’


By Rt Comrade Acha John Godwin

Again Benue state woke up to lies fabricated by the famous quack journalist Arae Abiodun  who was sacked from Leadership newspaper simply because he was used to peddling fake stories for politicians who provided his daily stomach infrastructure fee.

My attention was drawn to a story published On the 23rd of November 2016 credited to the author, Arae Abiodun on his lowly rated blog with the caption EXPOSED:ORTOM STOLE N34 BILLION NAIRA FROM WORKERS SALARIES IN 17 MONTHS .. as a student activist, political analyst cum observer and human right advocate i was forced to dig deep and make my own research so as to ascertain hard facts to Mr Arae claims of the Governor diverting such a huge some of money in less than two years in office with out been noticed in the face of this economic recession and the in ability of over 25 states of the federation to pay salaries due to dwindling finance of the country as a whole and once again i was fazed with the fact that mr Arae Abiodun had no regards for  the ethics of professional journalism…
I asked my self some questions such as

1. If Ortom truly has diverted such a huge amount of money as Arae claims how comes there hasn’t been an industrial action by the various Unions concered because it is no news that once any allocation comes into the state from the federal Government, it is tabled before leadership labour unions who inturn determine how it is distributed so if at all the claims of Arae and his pay masters were valid, the labour unions in the state wont sit and fold their hands while the Governor does things with impunity… in other words the claims of Arae Abiodun  and his pay masters from the Opposition PDP are lies straight from the pit of hell all geared towards discrediting the Ortom/Abounu administration.

2. The claims by Arae that the Governor diverts such a huge amount of money is rather a figments of his Arae and his pay masters imagination as records shows that the Benue state since August Last year have been reciving less than 2billion every months for salaries and another 2billion for Local government and once this money comes in it follows due process before disbursed. Infact records from widely read  and respected online news platform shows that Benue state recived a total of N3.89 Billion for the month of July 2016. This includes monies to be paid as salaries, and monies to be disbursed to Local governments…This can be confirmed via this link below…

3. If the claims of Arae is possible in the Nigeria of today where nobody is immuned from the poisonous fangs of antigraft agencies and even the DSS, Where Judges are been tried for curruption, Where aides of Governors and anybody in OR out of power are investigated and charged to court for any form of curruption or public fund diversions. Then one would wonder why none of the anti graft agencies has raised an eyebrow to the sincere activites of the BSG.

4. Why have Arae Abiodun decided to be a peddler of falsehood, propaganda, and an instrument to foster disunity amongs benue indigents? If my good people of Benue will agree with me this same quack journalist Arae Abiodun has been on the very forefront of the media war that was been waged on the Ortom/Abounu administration since it inception… Its troubling to see that Arae Abiodun has failed to see any thing good from this government since its inception… This government has built and renovated blocks of classrooms in every ward of the state, signed agreements with foreign investors who have come in with Billion of dollars to invest in our economy, embarked on road rehabilitations all around the state, and many other positive delevopmental policies…. But yet Oga Arae Abiodun has failed to acknowledge all this verifiedfacts instead he has embarked on a personal vendetta against this Government.

5. Is Arae really a journalist? Or a propagandist as over 90% of his publications are geared towards tarnishing the image of this administration with unfounded and fabricated lies which lack substance. I wonder if other online media are observing this guy because he is a shame to journalism.

With this very few well reserched facts i have put down for all to see it is clear that there are forces behind the scenes from the Opposition PDP working very hard to discredit this administration and this is rather appauling… Every government is not immuned to criticism but if you must criticise why not engage in constructive criticism with real facts that can be varified anywere and not a list of names on a sheet of paper which has not proven anything rather all it has done is prove to the Benue people how desperate you are to get ur daily stomach infrastructure from your pay masters… Oga Arae a word of advicefor you… Respect the ethics of professional journalism and stay away from falsehood.. We know the economy is hard so you have resulted in name callingsm and ball Passism just to quench your hunger and feed your family but my friend and fellow Nigerian Mr Arae, Benue indigent are wise and educated elites who belive more in facts and constructive critisim.

We know you Arae Abiodun is a stooge and a media thug for those who were indicted by the JUSTICE  ELIZABETH KPOJIME COMMISSION for embezzlement of over N107 billion which is yet to be returned to the state… We are aware that all this are just media antics to decive our people and take thier minds off the wickedness and irrational aggradisment of public funds by your pay masters but i say to you with every sincerity of purpose that you have failed in your evil quest… look for some other way to feed your family and not peddle fabricated lies just to mis inform and mislead our people.. It will not work and will never work… We love and believe in our Leaders and no amount of blackmail will deter us from moving foward… If our leaders go astray we shall put them back on track simply by dishing our constructive criticism that has substance and not all this 419 stories you put out to sell your papers….

God bless our Leaders
God blesz Benue State
God bless Nigeria
God bless the black race…

Rt Comr Acha John Godwin is a member West African Student Union Parliament “WASUP”, Founder and National Coordinator Movement for the Emancipation of the Middle Belt Region “MEMBR” and National Coordinator Idoma Integrity Youth Group “IIYG”…
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