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Idoma Students condemn attack on its President, Director of Socials

Written By Idoma Television on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 | 10:33:00 PM

 Press statement

We would only respond to this in the spirit of our continuous struggle against oppression and vices. While we question the originality and authenticity of the fake scam alert. However, the spineless article has refused to address pertinent issues of security in Idomaland, neither has it clearly expressed any opinion of development and growth. 

While we shall be partnering with security agencies to ensure the success of the symposium, we have also commenced preliminary investigation into the said scam alert as well as the author who our sources revealed was expelled from Nassarawa State University.
We have also sent emissaries to the institution to ascertain the facts... let it be known that NAIS under the leadership of COMRADE IDOKO AMEDU IDOKO shall continue to support the demilitarization of our streets and continuously campaign against cult killing and all anti social vices in Idoma land. We understand that Agada Anyebe and his brigade are been propelled by a few Devil's advocate and sacristan of wickedness. 

This are the people that benefit from the annual bloodletting in our land. We shall not condescend to allude to their inappropriate apathetic mention of the State Deputy Governor and the Amiable George Alli who are working with youth groups to improve on Community relations and welfar.

We however want to make it clear that this poor defense mechanism of attacking innocent hardworking people can only be employed by terrorist and people of low self esteem and mental capacity. We also acknowledge that these home rebels are our kinsmen, and therefore advise them to do their best for Idomaland and not result to cheap black mail to cover their shame. ThusThe Association under the distinguished leadership of COMRADE IDOKO AMEDU IDOKO wish to categorically state that;

1.         Joshep Agada Anyebe who use to be a student of department of Theater arts is no longer a student of Nasarawa state university Keffi as he clams. According to our very reliable sources  He was expelled last year from the institution for alleged murder of a fellow student and cult related activities thus how can he be the president of NAIS when he is not even a student? Like you all know our great association frowns seriously against cultism and indiscriminate killings which Joseph Anyebe s been accused of and subsequently expelled from school.

2.         Its rather pathetic that Oche Benard the author and self acclaimed secetary general of NAIS failed to realize that he answered the question of Comrade Idoko Ahmedu Idoko’ partaking at the Februarys NAIS  National Presidential election in line 1, paragrahph 4 of his article when the author of the hate article wrote and I quote “It is crystal clear that since Idoko Amedu lost out his bid to emerge as president of NAIS in the February,2016 NAIS election,he is hell bent in sowing seed of discord and causing disunity among members of the association by causing confusion and impersonating our president in any slight opportunity.” He then went futher to embrace himself by asking a question already answered by him… the only thing wrong with that statement is that he forgot to add that Josheph Agada is the one that did not partake in the election that saw Comr Idoko emerge National President of our great Association.

3.         Joshep Agada Anyebe is a celebrated cultist who has not failed to hide it.. As shown in the picture attached to this press release we all can see Joseph and his fellow cultist displaying their signs with impunity not minding who sees. Now we ask again.. How can such a person be the president of our Great Association?

4.         The NAIS maiden secondary Debate and Idoma Security Symposium that was held and is to hold respectively in otukpo the traditional headquarters of Idoma land and Hosted by the recognized National Director of Socials Comr Acha John Godwin under the distinguished marksmanship of Comr Idoko Amedu Idoko, was single handedly sponsored by the Association, not a single kobo was sourced from any politician. 

(This can be verified) We handled all logistics concerning the Debate from our own personal pockets as NAIS under the previous National Excos was milked dry without a kobo left to kick start a new government, in fact it was due to this greed and massive corruption perpetrated by the previous Excos that an election that has for ages been held in December, was held in February just because they were promised some few amounts of million from a well known politician that was contesting for Senatorial position of Benue south from the PDP at the 2016 rerun election and in exchange the association garners support and act as political thugs during the election..

5.         COMRADE IDOKO AMEDU IDOKO is the authentic and recognized National president of NAIS. He is recognized by all NAIS chapters at home and Diaspora, Benue State Government,  NAIS Stakeholders, elders, security agencies, NANS, WASU and ASUP, thus Anyebe and his cohorts are nothing but imposters who are not interested in developing our Nation but rather promote impunity and disunity amongst Idoma students.

6.         On the issue of the Agatu massacre, NAIS National President COMRADE IDOKO AMEDU IDOKO led a high power delegation of National Excos to donate relief materials and ascertain the situation of things and damages done, as well as taking into account the number of student who were preparing for their Junior and senior WAEC examination that were affected in which a report was submitted to the Benue state Government who in return made it possible for these students to write their exams. this can be verified as we mt with the director of 1 Idoma Initiative and his team when we arrived. also see picture attached to this statement for more verification

We therefore enjoin members of the public to ignore the rudimentary efforts of Anyebe and his gangs, and join hands with the COMRADE IDOKO AMEDU IDOKO led NAIS. We have also duly communicated all security agencies and the Idoma Youth Presidents on our intended campaign which they have agreed to grace and participate in. 

The security of Idomaland is an occasion we have chosen to rise too. We implore you to join us. God bless NAIS, God bless Idomaland. "Any well thinking Idoma person who does not support our campaign on cult killing, kidnapping, drug abuse, electoral violence and all anti social vices in Idoma land is an enemy of Idoma nation.

Signed Comr Abel Ankeli (National PRO NAIS)

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