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Peace Corps bill: Dan Onjeh congratulates Amb Dickson Akoh

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, November 25, 2016 | 6:15:00 AM

 You persevered through mighty storms and waves.
You walked through the valley of the shadow of death
Yet you persevered because you fear no evil
You are today a success story and a reference point among Nigerian youth.

You have made the Idoma nation proud .
You have made the entire Nigerian Youth proud!

Many saw your dream as a tall dream, too tall to be actualized
But you proved to the world that you could never settle for a dream shorter than your height

My greatest pleasure is that in spite of several obstacles put in your way by "dream killers", you never wavered.

The Senate and House of Representatives did the noble and patriotic thing by passing the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill, a cause you have been fighting for the past two decades.

You are a pivotal force among the youth of Nigeria and have been active in National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), because of your passion for youth development and advancement. In the pursuit of your dream on behalf of youth, you have suffered several arrests, harassment, detention and even incarceration at the hands of police and DSS and have won several cases against them in the enforcement of your fundamental right to freedom of association under the previous regimes. 

Though your headquarters was sealed off and your members arrested and harassed at will, you were never deterred.

For me, the height of your sacrifice was your acceptance to serve as Director General of my campaign in the Benue South re-run election of 2016 while the Nigerian Peace Corps bill was still pending before the Senate. In spite of the sabotage by some elements within the party at the zonal level , you were never discouraged and you worked round the clock to ensure my victory.

Your commitment to positive change and integrated development of the youth of Benue South, is a virtue that will serve you well at the national level. Under your watch, may the youth of Nigeria be in the vanguard for the sustenance, maintenance and advancement of Peace in Nigeria.

 As an organized group, the Peace Corps can definitely play a crucial role in the diversification of the economy through Youths engagement in Commercial Agriculture. This will create massive employment opportunities for our teeming youth in this period of recession.

Like millions of Nigerians, I look forward to President Buhari's assent to the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill, with eagerness, hope and great anticipation. 

In furtherance of your quest for change and societal advancement, in 2015, you risked everything to support Buhari's candidacy in the face of a vindictive ruling government, and like in my case, you worked whole heartedly for his victory.

May you have a long and peaceful reign as National Commandant of Nigerian Peace Corps, AMEN!!!

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