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‘Young Alhaji to contest for senate in 2019’

 Oh what a glorious and celebrated end for Senator David Mark in 2019.our hero, David Mark, we can’t thank you enough. David Mark has indeed fought battles to protect the Idoma nation from subjugation. 
Our fight as it were is not about political parties but about the determination to forestall the domination of Idoma nation by external political forces. David Mark has been there for us- even if we haven’t always noticed. 

He has done enough to have merited attention. Mark will indeed have a honorable and heroic exit in 2019.
I came to realize over the years that David Mark unbelievable work ethics wasn’t for praise or attention-he was in this for everyone who needs a champion.
 David Mark has done so much to make Idoma great and strong. And I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on David Mark alone. In fact, it doesn’t depend on any one person.
Even though change is constant, change is never easy and never quick, the decision for change is the most difficult decision ever made. Idoma have repose the hope and confidence on David Mark over and over again for 17 years. 
Now its time for a memorable and ovation commanding change. The baton of leadership will change hands in 2019. This change will happen because the Idoma people demand it, because they rise up and insist on new ideas and new leadership, a new politics for a new time.
The question is “who will fill the vacuum”? There is one amiable son of Idoma that has won the hearts of every one for so many years. One who believes in the future of Idoma, and has devoted his life to that future, a philanthropist who will do anything to help our children thrive; a leader with real plans to break down barriers; blast through glass ceilings and widen the circle of opportunity to every single Idoma. The next senator of Idoma is no other than ALHAJI ABUBAKAR USMAN (a.k.a. young alhaji).
Indeed, David Mark has done so much. Yes, we still got work to do for every Idoma still in need of a good job, for every child who needs a sturdier ladder out of poverty or a world class education; for everyone who hasn’t yet felt the progress of these 17 years of democracy. 
We need to keep making our streets safer, and our homeland more secure, our villages more peaceful and sustainable for the next generation.
That makes Alhaji abubakar Usman the most qualified for the job in 2019. He believes that we can give our middle class relief and provide working families with a road of opportunity. 
He can provide job for the jobless, homes for the homeless and reclaim young people in villages across Idoma from violence and despair. Give resounding attention to our local farmers by improving on our agricultural systems and provide market where we can market our farm produce,
What a senator we are about to have in person of YOUNG ALHAJI. He is an advocate of peace and unity, he has the quality to bring the Idomas from all walks of life together as one big family irrespective of the race, believe, religion, political affiliations etc. we look forward to a politician who has obligations to treat others with dignity and respect when he gets to power The one with listening ears and show character to the least idoma sons and daughters.
In ABUBAKAR USMAN, we already have a senator that knows exactly what we want from him and doing that which we cannot do for ourselves; ours is to have good representation and for him to always deliver the dividend of democracy to the people; protect us from harm and provide every child a decent education, keep our water clean; invest in our schools, new roads, and science and technology. He has vowed to work for us, not against us. He will help us and not hurt us. 
He has made it clear that opportunity will be provided for all not just for those with most money and influence, but for every Idoma son and daughter who’s willing to work. He will create an enabling environment where someone with a good idea can take a risk and start a business.
Idoma is that generous, bighearted, hopeful nation that made our story that made our entire story possible. A nation that has given us an ideology and believe that we rise or fall as one nation and a people of common goals. 
The fundamental belief that “I am my brother’s keeper” and “I am my sister’s keeper”, that is the promise of Idoma, the idea that we are responsible for ourselves. That is the promise we need to keep, that’s the change we need right now. We must admit that fulfilling Idoma dream will require more than just money. It will require a renewed sense of responsibility from each of us. This is the challenge before YOUNG ALHAJI which he has agreed to keep.
YOUNG ALHAJI knows that Idoma nation apart from having political enemies also have real enemies (hunger, joblessness, poverty, bad roads, bad electricity, bad water, crises, illiteracy, poor health care etc.). They must be found, they must be pursued, and they must be defeated.
 Young Alhaji is aware that agriculture is our major source of income but that is not what makes us rich. We have powerful men in the military but that is not what makes us strong. 
Our culture is the envy of other ethnic groups around us but that is not our value either. Instead, it is the Idoma spirit, that Idoma dream, that pushes us forward even when the path is uncertain, that binds us together in spite of our differences, that makes us fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is not seen, that better place around the bend.
We cannot afford to choose a wrong senator in 2019, not with so much work to be done, not with so many children to educate, and so many virtues to be cared for; not with our roads to fix and cities to build, and farms to save; not with sp many families to protect and so many lives to mend. It is the reason why the choice for 2019 is crystal clear. No doubt ALHAJI ABUBAKAR USMAN (a.k.a. YOUNG ALHAJI) is the right man for the job.



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