James Ayatse

10 things HRM, James Ayatse promised to do as the new Tor Tiv

 By Vera Enenche

In a recent interview with Vanguard newspaper, the new elected traditional ruler of Tiv community, HRM, Prof James Ayatse promised to use his office to do the following: 
IDOMA VOICE brings you the excerpts

  1. I’ll bring my experience to bear in administering the affairs of the Tiv people
  2. I’ll make my contribution towards the upliftment of our people traditionally and developmentally.
  3. Those cultural aspects that develop the improvement of the people we’ll promote, such cultures like songs and dances can be used positively instead of using them negatively.
  4. Will encourage the Tiv nation to return to God, to submit to God and invite God into the affairs of our people so that God will guide and help us to overcome the different challenges that our people are going through individually and collectively as a Tiv nation.
  5. I want to be able to use that position to uplift the Tiv nation because our people have a lot of potentials which are not being harnessed and we would be in a position to encourage our youths, encourage skilled people to come forward and showcase the skills they have for development and promotion of our people.
  6. We can look at burial ceremonies. Ceremonies in general consume a lot of resources. We were not doing this before so we need to take a second look at it to see how we can modify some things. I will also be thinking in the direction of promoting the Tiv language which is getting more or less extinct among the younger generation.
  7.  We need to encourage the teaching of Tiv language in schools and the teaching of Tiv language at home because once you lose your language you lose your culture. What I think is also important for me to do is to set up structures that will address the security of our people at the local level.
  8. We will have the vigilantes at the different levels of chiefs to coordinate with the local governments to ensure that security issues that are arising will be tackled at the local level so that the burden on the central government in the state will be reduced.
  9. I will also promote the study of science and professional courses among my people. A lot of people go to school but they read mainly the arts and social sciences. These are useful courses but we want to see more people going into engineering, medicine, technology, and so on.
  10. I’ll use it to encourage young people to go back to the farm instead of just loitering around in the streets and being idle. These are the key areas I would want to address if I have opportunity to occupy the stool.

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