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2019: The choice remains Young Alhaji


By Ngbede Sule Samuel
Any society in which there is no leadership will end up in chaos. The strength of any society is determined by the standard of its leaders. This brings to truism the axiom that says “so goes a leader so goes the people”. A strong leaser produces an enviable society.

It should be noted that every aspect of human endeavor requires a quality leadership approach and everything rises and falls on leaders. Therefore, if a leader does not know what it takes to be a leader politically, economically and socially, the nation will suffer.

In Africa, people really need an education on leadership. We realized they do not know too much about leadership yet everybody wants to be a leader. Leaders are pace setters, path finders and solution providers. It is taking the lead to meet needs, it is not in possession but in contribution, it is not what you get but what you give. 
Leadership is about what you add to men to better their lots that is why it is a product of commitment to purpose. Leadership is not prayed for but paid for, a leader is one who serves not the one that is served.
The decision to choose the right leader (SENATOR) to represent Idoma nation is critical in 2019 because our past has been wounded in Benue state politics, our present is equally battered and with what is happening, we are only left with our future. 
And that is why we need to do all that is within our ability and capability to make sure that what our past suffered and what we are going through at the moment are not repeated in our future.
The position of the senate in Benue south senatorial district belong to Idoma, yet the Tivs still want to hijack and control it. 
If we fail to choose the right leader in 2019, the pain will be too much for us to bear. Idoma is in pains and needed to be healed from the wounds of history. Pains such as impoverishment, political freedom from the hands of the Tiv, poor health care and poor childhood education. Idoma, a Benue industrial giant living as benue industrial dwarf. 
Idoma, a Nigerian big brother living as Nigerian big orphan. Idoma, a Nigerian next economic power living as an abandoned project in Nigeria. We have everything it takes to make everything we need. We have everything it takes to build the next world class industry and factory. The Tiv are so scared of us lest we get back to sense for if we come back to sense, they will fall short of strength.
We need to rise to a common voice, a voice that we belong to a team. A voice that we stand together as one family irrespective of what happens. A voice of a champion that we fight and win together always. A voice that we can’t afford to make any wrong choice of a senator in 2019. 
David Mark wrote our name in gold in the senate, we would not send dwarf to represent us. No, never will we accept a chicken hearted or lily livered as our senator.
Every Idoma sons and daughters are born leaders, every one of us is eligible for whatever office he or she desires, but for the sake of the task at hand, let us give ALHAJI ABUBAKAR USMAN(a.k.a. Young Alhaji) a chance because he is battle ready. 
We don’t have to gamble with the position of the senate in 2019. Young Alhaji will build on the legacy of David Mark. He is a transparent and accountable leader who is sold out to Idoma nation and will not compromise the agitation of the people to material or monetary gain.
Every great thing that has ever been done in history is by the youths (negatively or positively). The glory of the youths is in their strength so investing in the youths is investing in the future. Sir Isaac Newton said, “The prime of my invention was when I was a youth”. That brings to fore the importance of youths to nation building. 
Young Alhaji believes the future of Idoma depends on her youths. He has vowed to maximize the strength of her youths and will invest massively into youth’s development.
 He knows that the youths are the extension of our generation and we must take time to make quality investment in them. No wonder Chinua Achebe in thing fall apart said, “Where are the young soccer that will grow when the old banana tree dies”. 
Idoma youths are scattered across the country because the state we belong have refused to provide for them.
 Young Alhaji has promised to sensitize the youths so as to discover their potentials. He is of the opinion that the youths must be encouraged to possess the right mentality about life and be guided to acquire knowledge and skills which will equip them for the future we are about to build together. 
According to him, young people should reject pessimism and interact with those who have different beliefs if they want to make changes in the world.
The women at all levels are part of Young Alhaji”s  plan of the Idoma rebirth. He believes in the empowerment of women and girls. He asserted that the best measure of how a leader does in terms of rating is how he treats its women. He stated that if you mistreat your women, you are just holding yourself back from development.
Alhaji Abubakar Usman, you are our choice for the senate in 2019but you have to be careful of the HISTORIANS, your name, your roots, your flops they know, so they laugh, laugh and laugh when you claimed you are a king. Be careful of the ARCHEOLOGISTS, they are experienced, they have tested failures, they have seen the smart failed so they sniff, sniff and sniff when you aim for the trophy.
Your task is to create a new legacy for the Idoma nation. But you must realized that you are not going to get there by reaching your target all the time but by missing your target some of the time. You might not get there as early as you have planned but as early as you keep at you’re your work tenaciously.
 You cannot achieve by been a friend to all but by been an enemy to some. Know that heroes are made of defeats, denials and delays, for behind every shining star hangs a cloud of darkness.
You are on errand, your voice should be louder than the voice of the crowd. You are not going to make a road round the mountain but through the mountain so its going to be tough. Our collective hope is that 10, 15, 20 years from now, we will look back together and sid we made the right choice the day we chose you. 
David Mark has fame, we want you to stand the test of time. David Mark attract crowd, we want you to affect many. David Mark was sold out, we want you to spread. We want you to create songs from storms, carve stars from nights and paint mountains in shadows. 
I am here to ask Idoma sons and daughters to reject the notion that there are forces we can’t control. Our problems are manmade and can be solved by man. 
Reject pessimism, cynicism and know that progress is possible. Progress is not inevitable, it requires struggles, discipline and faith. Let us all support young Alhaji in 2019 for another world class performance at the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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