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REVEALED! The untold story behind Dr. Paul Enenche’s visit to Tivland

By Ameh Comrade Godwin

It came to many as a rude shock. Others received the news with excitement. Some welcomed it with mixed feelings. 

To some, it was an honour well deserved. May thought it was unchristian while others were of the opinions that to whom much is expected, much is given.

The recent visitation of God’s General and Apostle of the Most High, Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre to Tivland has triggered a slue of controversy, particularly, with regard to the alleged ‘title’ conferred on him by the overwhelmed people of Gboko, where the programme took place.

In fact, the social media sphere literally caught fire following the outbreak of the unconfirmed and misplaced news that Dr. Paul was ‘conferred’ with a chieftaincy title by the people of the land.

However, findings by IDOMA VOICE have it that there are many things to the crusade than what the media has been trending.

The crusade, which was tagged Tivland Deliverance and Healing crusade has been described by many, especially those who attended as one of the most remarkable gatherings in Tivland after a long while.

The crusade equally drew high and mighty Tiv natives from all walks of life.
Amazingly, the crusade came few days to the Tor Tivship election.

Findings by this reporter have it that since the extant time, the traditional stool of the Tiv community, the acclaimed fifth largest ethnic group has never been occupied by a true Christian.
The crusade was an ample opportunity for them to seek the face of God for a true ruler who would oversee the traditional stool of the Tiv nation.

Investigations by our reporter have shown that there were many things about the epoch-making crusade that people are not even talking about. To say the least, this crusade witnessed so many healings of people from chronic diseases and infirmities, diversities of miracles, numerous deliverance from afflictions, freedom from demonic bondages, breaking of witchcraft spells, restoration of the destiny of the nation of Tiv land amongst many other supernatural manifestations of the power of God. 

Speaking with our reporter in Gboko, a citizen said that the issue of the title being conferred on Dr. Paul came as a shock.
He said, “I was there and I can tell you that the so-called claim that a title was given to Daddy was as a rude shock to him. He was never aware of the whole drama. 

The people wanted him to identify with their culture by wearing him their traditional attire as it is done for all visiting evangelists. The man of God however requested that the attire be presented to him to pray upon them before putting them on as a mark of respect for the TIV nation. It was one of the excited persons present who made the spontaneous pronouncement that is now negatively trending on the news. 

“I could recall the shock and surprise on Dr Paul’s face and that of his wife, Dr. Becky when the person made that statement because he was also hearing it for the first time. It was in no way a conferment of a traditional chieftaincy title. 

“My Pastor was not given a traditional title and he did not and will never receive a chieftaincy title. Apparently, the people were overwhelmed and such couldn’t hide their joy for the testimonies and miracles that greeted the crusade. That was one of the Pentecostal moves in Tiv land after many years,” the source, who attended the crusade hinted this reporter.

Another insider further hinted that during the programme, the current Tor Tiv, HRM, Chief James Ayatse was among those who sat under the ministration of God’s servant.

“Now, let me shock you. Do you know that the current Tor Tiv was one of the people that attended that crusade? The crusade happened few days to the Tor Tivship election and he was there alongside his wife. In fact, he was recognized during that crusade as Prof James Ayatse when dignitaries were being honoured. 

“On the day of the election, someone sent SMS to Daddy, informing him that a believer was in the race and was being hindered by some persons. Daddy replied simply: “It is done.” Today, for the first time in Tivland they have a ‘true’ believer as their traditional ruler. Not just a believer but a Deeper Life member,” the source added.

Meanwhile, the ministry had recently empowered residents of Area 1, Abuja as part of its Community Social Responsibilities, where it delivered washing machine, grinding machines and food items to the host community. 

The ministry also on Christmas Day donated a patrol Van to the Nigeria Police, Durumi Division, Abuja to boost security in the area.

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