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El-Rufai is Nigeria’s president with Al Makura as Vice – Benue singer, Archi

By Israel Achichi

Echoes of War now solid, Self Defence now a crime, over 500 Christians bombed in IDP camp by government bomber plane, yet silent sirens led them to a massive grave, Which way are we headed,  Will  Biafra consider us, Bad eggs selling out our integrity, Leaders celebrating with Killers of their kind, How long do we live  hands down as Christians while derailed sons of Ishmael slain our children, Parents, wives, daughters and loved ones in sleep,  Hardship and insecurity,  what kind of leader leaves his country for vacation amidst chaos, From today I put my hands up and to guide and protect MA portions….

You must be alive to be a Christian
The dead can’t serve God
It is a sin to leave your self for another to kill in the name of religion or region
Arrest any pastor and this nation will fail. Stupid ancestors with failed attempts in life leading without a clue. If the government can’t protect you please protect yourselves. We Idomas are warriors and without guns w have fought and won before.
We will not sit to be slained or watch dead bodies of our loved ones anymore
Idoma Arise and stand by.
The ghost of War has come for our land
We must protect our race
We must forget religion and save the land.

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