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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! 73-year-old Alice Adepe, Miss Nigeria 1963 tells the shocking story of her life

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, January 7, 2017 | 1:36:00 AM

By Ameh Comrade and Ben Idah (with additional info by Nats Agbo)

At 73, her beauty still radiates like the flash of sun across the blue sea. Even in her old age, her beauty still waters the throat. Her dimpless, very deep like the cave of Engedi. She’s so beautiful; there is sparkle in her eyes. 

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The story of Alice Alache Akla Adepe is akin to that of biblical Hadassah.
She came ahead of her time. Against all odds, and because of her charming beauty and carriage, she emerged as Miss Kano in 1962 and eventually Miss Nigeria in 1963.

Born to the family of Akla Adepe of the Oono family in Otukpo-Icho in the present Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, she made history as the second lady from Northern Nigeria to win the highly revered crown.

However, sadly for this ex-beauty queen, her story ended like Queen Gadus in Andy Dowling’s epic novel, ‘The Crowing Crown.’

Not much was heard about her since she handed over the crown to her successor, Edna Park in 1964.

Life played a smart one on her and she founded herself back in the village.

“I was abandoned and I decided to return to my village,” she recalled with nostalgia in an exclusive interview with IDOMA VOICE in her country home, Otukpo-Icho, in Otukpo LGA of Benue State.

This is the story of Queen Alice as obtained by your soar-away King of community tabloid, WWW.IDOMAVOICE.COM   

Can we meet you ma?
My name is Alice Ad'epe, I was Miss Kano in 1962 and Miss Nigeria 1963.I'm from Otukpo-Icho village here in Otukpo local government area of Benue state.

As a former beauty queen, how has life been treating you?
Life hasn't being bad because I'm with my Lord who has been taking care of me.

How did you hear about the contest and what inspired you to contest for the Miss Nigeria crown?

First, I was crowned Miss Kano in 1962 that was what gave me the opportunity to contest for Miss Nigeria in 1963. I was in Kano then with my sister when my friend informed me about the contest. My brother, if you really want me to explain everything to you we won't live here today (general laughter).

Could you recall the benefits of being a beauty queen back then?
It came with a lot of benefits. I was given 200 pounds. We were also taken on a free trip to London then where we spent some months before coming back to Nigeria with a female editor of Daily Times Newspaper; they were the ones in charge of the competition then. I was also given a Singer sewing machine. Of course, here in Otukpo, those who knew the value celebrated me and are still celebrating me till today. They were happy that our community could produce Miss Nigeria.

What were you doing before then?
Like I told you earlier, I was with my sister after completing my elementary school here in Otukpo Icho.

How was the process of selection then?
See, then, the organizers were not after who is the most intelligent, all they were looking for is the most beautiful. I could recall that the event took place at 7up Company back then. We were like 22 in number, but somehow, by God's grace I managed to defeat the other girls to become the winner.

Do you have any regret contesting?
Never! Never! No regrets at all.

Were your family supported?
Of course, they were in full support and were happy when I came home with the crown.

Is there any difference between beauty contest then and now?
Yeah. There's a lot of difference now.  Then, it was only based on natural beauty but now you have to be very intelligent also. Also, things have really changed. The way beauty queens dress these days is quiet different from how we did back then. (Though we were the first to use swimming pants in the camp). We were seen as role models to other girls. We made sure the way we talk and behave portrayed that of a true queen. But now, reverse is the case. However, they are still good beauty queens out there though.

How old were you when you contested for the beauty pageant?
Then, no one can contest if the person is below the age of 19. I was within that age range when I won the crown.

Was there any support by the then Benue-Plateau state government, after your victory?
None, not at all. They did nothing for me to the best of my knowledge.

What stopped you from representing Nigeria in 1964 Miss World?
The Federal government didn't send me as at that time to go.

Why did you end up here in the village?
After my reign, that was end of the story. There was no follow up; nobody cares to know how I was faring. Things were no longer rosy; I was abandoned so I decided to return home.

So what are you doing at the moment?
I have a restaurant called Alach Restaurant around GRA close to Isaac Ugbabe house in Otukpo town. That is what I use in training my two children.

If you have the chance of meeting with the state governor, what would be your request?
Well, I would want him to support my business.

If you have chance of changing anything about yourself, what could that be?
If given the opportunity to change anything about myself, I rather would get closer to my God.

Is it true that the current ’Miss Idoma’ is your niece?
Yes she is. But I wasn't invited to her coronation so I was not present there on that day.


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