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Latest on the appointment of first class chief for Igede nation

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, January 21, 2017 | 10:59:00 PM

By James Ibechi

Igede is an interesting place. All you need do to have fun is sit back and watch the unbelievable drama in this theatre of the absurd.

Despite the very difficult times, you cannot but be amused. It is one day, one drama. The dramatis personae, the cast, are as interesting as their art.
So, when the news broke that BHSA has passed the amended chieftaincy law of the state thereby enabling Igede to now have a first class chief – although that was not the meat of the Igede people’s agitation and bargain, they wanted Paramount Rulership, yet half a loaf of bread is better than none, a saying goes – I knew that a new drama was going to start and it would be a long running series.

The first question that was etched in my mind was who will be the first class chief for the Igede.

While many persons suggested Oga Ero, a serving police commissioner, others pointed to Professor Johnson Onah. Yet a camp rooted for Jonathan Abankwa, just as a minority wants the second class chief, Ad’Oju, Egbere Ogbu to be elevated.

In the course of time, other entrants in the race such as RB Ade, John Enyi, Ogbale Ogah have sprang up as aspirants for the exalted first class traditional stool.

All the aspirants have their strengths and weaknesses, yet I was nonplussed, not because I adjudged any of the aspirants unworthy of the stool, but knowing the character of the politicians who are in the forefront scheming how the pendulum will swing and the belief that most Igede politicians are selfish and corrupt, particularly those in the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the overt or secret promotion of some candidates leaving out others by politicians in the APC, my first reaction was that some smart Alecs were going to basterdise the traditional process.

Since then, I have decided not to write personal opinions on the process of making the king, but limit myself to only provision of information on the happenings.
I even took that decision before the current drama is unfolding fully and the facts becoming clearer.

My dear fans, I am still watching the unfolding drama.

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