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Update on Peace Corps of Nigeria

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | 2:07:00 AM

Mama Chinyere not real name, who is a petty trader living at 2 Akankpa Street, Uyo in Akwa Ibom state Nigeria couldn’t hide her joy when news got to her recently that the long awaited Peace Corps bill had been passed into law by both the lower and the upper chamber of the Nigeria National assembly. 

Her joy was not only because the organization will be used to ensure peace across the length and breadth of Nigeria but, mainly because two of her Sons and many other able bodied men whom she knew in the past were jobless within her vicinity who are now working as volunteer officers are likely to be employed as full staff of the organization when the bill is fully accented to by Mr. President.
But, the joy of Mama Chinyere was recently almost cut short when it was reported that the Men of the Nigeria Police Force were going round the various training camp of the Peace Corps to disrupt their training. 

Reason-the organization is yet to be fully recognize by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. As the news makes the rounds recently there were reactions. While many felt the tenacious efforts of the National commandant Ambassador Dr Dickson Akoh is beginning to yield positive result and will in turn serve as a treat to their greedy and selfish aim to continue to oppress others through their satanic and dubious plans so that the long cry for peace in Nigeria can continue to linger some others were celebrating the closure of some of the camps in low tones for fear of being attacked by volunteer staff officers of the corps. While some few elements were happy over the unfortunate incident, millions of other Nigerians were praying for the full recognition of the corps by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. 

Reason for this position was born not only because of the job opportunity for millions of unemployed youths of this country but mainly because not recognizing Peace corps will render the immeasurable efforts of the national commandant has deployed and till date still deploying since the formative years of the Corps eighteen years ago to ensure the full recognition of the corps by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria to naught. To say Dr Dickson Akor has worked extra hard for the formation of the organisation is an understatement.

  Another disturbing trend worthy of note is the activities of some disgruntled elements who don’t really know the main visions, dreams and the objectives of the Corps who now busy themselves, going round claiming ownership of the organization to the point of using the media to confused Nigerians that the bill was passed by the national assembly in tandem with their own organization to form a single National Peace Corps of Nigeria. 

But in a recent press release by the House Committee chairman on media and public affairs the doubt and the whole game of deceit by this group claiming the leadership of the organization with Dickson Akor, who for the past eighteen years has been toiling both day and night to ensure that the organization is recognized by the constitution of Nigeria has been put to rest. 

 According to the house committee chairman on media and public affairs, Hon Abdurazak Namdas, the bill that was passed into law by both the red and green chamber of the Nigeria national assembly did not recognize any other organization apart from the Peace Corps which for the past eighteen years has been piloted by Dr Dickson Akoh.

 The house committee chairman plainly opened the eyes of Nigerians and urge them to only give their full support to the Ambassador Dickson Akor led Peace Corps and to stay away from any other organization parading itself as owners of the organization that recently got the nod of NASS in form of a bill.  The Peace Corps is a voluntary organization waiting to be endorsed by law and the presidency. 

Those Nigerians who have been kicking against the establishment of the organization need to take things easy. What offence has the organization committed to give room to such unwarranted closure? A survey conducted among Nigerians across the thirty six state of Nigeria regarding to the closure saw a good number of them totally condemn the steps taken by the Nigeria police force. 

A trader in Jos terminus market plateau state, by name Mrs. Bitrus Sani described the closure as the hand work of those who doesn’t want the children of the poor to gain employment through the Peace Corps as they eagerly wait for the signing into law of the bill by Mr. President. 

She called on the hierarchy of the Nigeria police force, the presidency and members of the public to close rank with the national commandant of the Peace Corps Ambassador Dr Dickson Akor to ensure the quick signing into law of the bill and to as well use the organization to create jobs for the teeming youths of this country. Some prominent traditional leaders, retired military officers and many security experts and many elder statesmen whom I took time out to interview all called on the Nigeria police force to immediately stop the closure of the camps. 

They all thank the leadership of the national assembly and its members for the speedy passage of the bill and call on the acting president Professor Yemi Osinbanjo to urgently sign the bill into law since he has the constitutional power to do so now. They call on every Nigerians to support the efforts of the National commandant in order to ensure the full commencement of the organization since it can be used to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country through massive recruitment of the army of youths who may take to crime if nothing is done soon to help them. 

With all these positive confession of both the ordinary and prominent Nigerians, I believe it has become crystal clear to both the Nigeria police force and some misguided Nigerians that time has come for them to join forces with millions of other Nigerians to pray and push to see that the Peace Corps bill is fully accented to by the president. 

Even as a voluntary organization, it has been contributing its quota towards nation building by preaching peace, protection of lives and property, preaching loves, unity, steadfastness and total harmony among every ethnic groups and religious body in Nigeria. 

I also call on those who are fighting and plotting the downfall of the Peace Corps to stop it because from every indication it is an organization that is already approved by the almighty God but only waiting for the physical manifestation. Let Peace Corps Be. 
–  Odeh wrote in from Abuja
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