Commander Emmanuel Ajenu

Commander Emmanuel Ajenu: Birthday tributes to a visionary pacesetter, man of valour

Everyone around him confirms that he belongs to the category of people who have painstakingly worked to achieve success, an embodiment of professionalism and an achiever per excellence.

The only epithet that can aptly capture the essence of this man with a lion hearth is a ‘colossus.’
This describes no other person than Commander Emmanuel Ekoja Ajenu fss pjsc NDSS NIM B.SC (Hons) (rtd).

A personality that encompasses simplicity and a knack for qualitative service to humanity; especially the less privileged.  When your child is dancing well, you will not hesitate to dance with him.

Garbed with honour and enviable success, Commander Ajenu has not only danced well but thought others how to dance. 

This proud son of Okpoga in Okpokwu LGA of Benue State has a guiding mantra that says, “preparing children from total greatness.’
This is apt because this great man of note does not only live and exemplify the fertile knowledge that he has for years drummed into countless number of students who have been lucky to pass through his Cherryfield College, Abuja, but Ajenu bestrides every sector he has ventured into in his many decades on earth.
A man who has attracted multiple honoures with a catalogue and a dazzling height success. He is a leading light and a formidable beckon of hope in the academic sector.
Welcome to the l of Emmanuel Ajenu, the Commader-in-Chief of the Masses.
Hear him and what he thinks about children, “Our aim is to make future leaders of these students such as to have self -confidence to meet the challenge of the future, the humility to knowledge, the success of others, the compassion to support others who encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibility for their own action.”
Today, this soft-spoken ‘Commander’ has added another year and the bells are already tolling in his honour.
Happy birthday Commander-in-Chief of the Masses, Emmanuel Ekoja Ajenu fss pjsc NDSS NIM B.SC (Hons)(rtd) a visionary pacesetter and a man of valour .
By Ameh Comrade Godwin

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