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James Oche: Ado, this is your own

By Ameh Comrade Godwin

My first contact with this ebullient young man was via a phone call in 2011 during one of the editions of the annual Agila Cultural and Economic Carnival where he serves as the vice president.
He reached out to us (Idoma Voice) to discuss on  the need to let the world know what the Agila Carnival was all about.
It was a brief but powerful conversation that lasted not more than three minutes: and the deal was sealed.

Welcome to the world of James Ogaba Oche, the fearless warrior of Idoma enclave.
One thing that endeared him to my heart was his simplicity.
Beneath this young man lies the heart of lion and a dove.
In February 2016 we both met on a bridge.
It was the Benue South Senatorial rerun between his principal, David Mark and my good friend Comrade Daniel Onjeh.
I was rooting for Onjeh to unseat Mark, whereas, Oche was on the other hand asking electorates to vote Mark for continuity.
His team eventually won the election and I paid a glowing tribute to him and others for jumping ship. I concluded my article by saying that if the election was to hold again, I will still queue behind Onjeh.
When Justice Dipeolu of the appeal court upturned Mark’s election, many disciples deserted the ‘mansion’.
Mark was left alone with few persons.
Among those who stood behind the Okpokpowulu of Idoma was this young man from Ado, James Oche and my good friend, Sunday Itodo.
Towards the tail end of last year, the picture of James Oche, indicating his interest to serve as the chief priest of Ado’s political shrine cropped up on the social media and happy with the development.
I was happy because someone from my age bracket has woken up from the somnolent quietude. He now saw the need to flush out the old breast suckers from the Idoma political terrain.
In less than three months, electorates in the entire 23 LGAs of Benue State would be marching to polling booths to elect their respective chairman.
I believe in the youth, hence my undying support for Onjeh during the rerun.
I had had one on one encounter with Oche and he has all it takes to take the LGA to the greater heights.
I no doubt believe that this humble chap possessed not just the qualities that can take Ado out of its difficulties, but has sowed a seed of humility in the grassroots.
A trip to his hometown will give one a clearer picture of what Oche means to both the young and the old.
His direct link with the people at the grassroots does not only show that he has the capacity to turn things around for the local government, but also goes to show that he is a humble and loyal  servant of the people.
Oche is too ‘fabulous’ for any other element that is poised to challenge the dream and the vision we all have about him and our dear AdoLGA.  This is not a campaign but the reality.
We need a young man who can initiate the true change we want in our society.
James Oche, the true Homeland Defender is the man.
The time is now! The time is here, when a child will pick up a copy of the constitution and ask why we are moving at this slow pace as a community.
 The time is here when we will say ‘’NO’’, to the conventional ways of our leaders.
 The time is here for us to redefine the rule of law as the supremacy of the law. We should be ready to search diligently for our rule of law and our constitutional given rights that have been dragged out of the land in their Ghana- Must- Go.
 The time is here to call these chaffs “history” and refer to us as “now and the grain” lest stand up and join in this march for a change.
Ado, let’s support our own.
J-ust an
E-ager to
Let’s make it happen! Can’t we?
Ameh is the publisher of Idoma Voice and CEO Idoma TV


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