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(MUST READ) Enenche writes tear-dropping letter to Peace Corps boss, Amb. Dickson Akoh in detention

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, March 24, 2017 | 9:01:00 AM

I don't know if I should start with good day, but I don't think the day is good enough for you in the past days as the darkness you fight yourself inside detention makes it impossible for you to know when it is day or night.

The past days must have been very traumatic for you, but this is not the first time you are finding yourself walking this path.
This is the nineteenth time you are going behind bars, not as a criminal but as a victim of your dreams and convictions.

Going behind bars for what you believe in is not a sin, every great man passes through this experience. Some may not be physical bars but ideological barriers set to limit potentials of men by men.

You are in detention today not because you pursue ventures that spill blood or threaten our collective existence,  but because you pursue peace. You wanted to see a peaceful society, you invested virtually all your youthful years to articulate your peace dream into Peace Corps of Nigeria, and those who should be applauding your patriotic gymnastics with medals are the same people trying to downplay you.

Those who kept you in detention, may have physically isolated you from reach, but unknown to them, the ideals they are trying to cage you for, lives and flourish on our streets.

The cell they lock in, is too small to contain and the ideals you stand for.

It is not only they have placed behind bars, they have also  placed countless numbers of able Nigerian youths who subscribe to the ideals of Peace Corp of Nigeria and believe that she has a space for them to ventilate what they carry within as we strive to a better Nigeria.

You ran with Nigeria's banner, you preached peace to all Nigerians, you built bridges of hope, faith, and patriotism... all these are part of the credentials you are paying for freedom for.

Be strong, you are not alone. Those who kept you in detention should get ready to enlarge the cell because they are countless Nigerian youths who are willing to join you there.

They want to hijack what you sweat to build. They want to infiltrate the leadership of a venture they know nothing about. Be strong and stand firm. We know what is going on.

I am writing you from Gboko, Gboko is a few hour drive from Zaki Biam where I hear wailings of Nigerians mourning the brutal killings of their loved ones at a market square.

Those who couldn't avert the killings or arrest those involved in the killings are the same people keeping you behind bars.

The future of Nigeria we all saw in Peace Corps of Nigeria is still strong. The future is still real.

But this future doesn't belong to men and women who are using instruments of state to downplay you.

This future doesn't belong to those armed men, who ones stormed your office at Jabi and brutalized defenceless peace merchants, their exploit saw blood patches on pathways that connects Jabi with emergency ward of National Hospital.

The same nozzle of guns they use to go after those who kill and threaten our existence, is the same gun they are using to go after men and woman who are on their side of patriotism and nation building.

Be strong and courageous, you are not alone, what they should settle with you on a roundtable of patriotism, nation building and honour, is what they are settling with you in a solitary confinement.

You are coming out, and I see you still pursuing this ideal of Peace and nationhood in a new dimension.

Be strong, you are not alone. Tell your captors that if there is space there, there are many of us who are willing to come and spend your nights with you there.

May this pure, patriotic and holistic ideal of Peace Corps of Nigeria never be sacrificed on the altar of myopic and witch hunting.

My best and warmest regards.

        Enenche Enenche (Comedian)

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