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(MUST READ) Peace Corps of Nigeria writes heart-touching letter to her 'mother' Nigeria

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, March 23, 2017 | 1:32:00 PM

By Moneke Leonard

Dear Nigeria my mother,

with pains to injustice I write to address issues of great concerns affecting me as a son.
My name is peace corps of Nigeria and one of the most powerful leading none governmental human indigenous organisation born by you Nigeria.

For my look I am brown in colour and white in the heart,with a blue cap which over the years I wear while carrying out my duties diligently to you my mother.

You know me too well with the use of ranks which you have been using to identify we your children just like a mans five fingers are distinct by its size and height.
If am not mistaken you can not deny my voluntary services towards your development as a nation nigeria.
Today in one of your arms I am being sued of 90 count charges,I am being called 419 and I have been shot down by one of your institution called the Nigeria police force with sleepiness night.

Over 18 years of high commitment I rendered positivism and true patriotism to you and every inhabitants within your territory especially to a good benefit to those of the locals without demands and returns .

With my peaceful nature I was able to nurse and harbour
Your jobless youths like a nursing mother, collecting some responsibility from you just to reduce stress from you.

Atlist if you u can speak please speak for me now with a loud voice because I know your reply is enough to prove to Nigerians my sacrifices to them as an organisation with more conviction .

On many occasion you where there to witness my voluntary services to schools,motherless babies homes,securities provisions,youths orientations,visitations to prisoners and other patriotic service I offered willingly without a pay from your care takers team.

What exactly is my wrong?
How on earth have I done your institutions wrong?
How long can I keep pleasing them while displeasing my self?
Oh Nigeria you need to see me in pains right now as tears drops off as I face allegations placed upon my head.
When and how did I become a terrorist ?

Today all because I want to be part of your executive team,to enable me work more with effectiveness ,I have over night been tagged criminal and 419.

But must I pass through this rigorous process before I can be given an assent?
Or are they too blind to see the future I hold for them to good development ?

One thing Is for sure that everyone are still learning how peace works through me as an organisation of peace.I choose to follow this matter in a peaceful way because I am peace my self and if I wasn't peaceful, through my present capacity alone I would have fought like every other organisation would do to restore its glory ,but for our 18years of friendship between you as a nation and me as an organisation born by you, I decided to take a peaceful step not to hurt those am protecting .

Make them see my beautiful works on them, make them understand my pains, show them how loving and caring I can be, Tell them I am peace and peace I will bring .

I am deeply hurt and disgraced over what I don't know, My pride is almost dragged away by selfish fellows, My bones are getting crushed through their wickedness and I feel for them because they don't know what they are doing .

So Nigeria I will be expecting your voice towards this case of great unrest.
I love the people,and I love you Nigeria.

Yours faithfully
Peace corps of Nigeria.

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