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Audu Ogbeh is Like Jesus Christ and Moses; Idoma people are pulling him down - Benue APC chieftain

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, April 24, 2017 | 12:13:00 PM

By James Ewaoche Amedu

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Benue State, Noah McDickson has likened the current Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh to the biblical Moses and Jesus Christ, who face stiff opposition from their kinsmen.

Mr. McDickson said instead of Idoma people to be proud of Ogbeh who is occupying an enviable position, they are trying to pull him down like the Israelites, who turned against Moses after leading them out of Egypt.

In an article entitled “The politics of "pull him down" In idoma land, strongly frowned at the constant attacks on Ogbeh by his Idoma natives.

The article reads.

It was in Yakubu Gowon's administration that Godwin Dabo, Joseph Tarka's tribesman betrayed him and pulled him down from the position of a Federal Commissioner for Communications.

This however, culminated to what was then known as "if you Tarka me, I Dabo you", the rest is now history, but the Tiv Nation never forgive Dabo for pulling their own son down.

What informed this piece is the way and manner own Idoma sons and daughters are working tirelessly to ensure that the only Idoma minister in this present administration, Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Hon. Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, is pulled down at all cost.
It reminds me of the biblical Moses who single handedly rescued the people of Israel from Egypt.

Instead of thanking him(moses),for his efforts, the people of Israel almost lynched him. Jesus Christ also faced stiff opposition from his own people of Nazareth.

Therefore, I'm not surprise that some people would always look for opportunities assassinate the character Chief Audu Ogbeh or looking for avenues to discredit his good work.

I do not want some apportion blames because am in the school of thought that believes strongly in action. Yet, I wish to remind some "saints" who are always quick to demonized Chief Ogbeh, to objectively analyse the work of Audu Ogbeh in just one year plus in office and those that were there for sixteen years.

He's not the first minister from from the Idoma extraction, but he has done for the Idoma Nation what others before him could not do.
We should juxtapose his achievements and those of his predecessors in the court of public opinion.

What can be more developmental than constructing rural roads, upgrading health facilities and boosting 9f agriculture in the rural areas?
So as far as experience, exposure and even expertise are concerned, Chief Audu Ogbeh is unarguably among the best in this administration.

I wouldn't like to bore you with his numerous achievements because i have repeatedly said that on this platform. But it is important to know that the Hon. Minister is on the right track to ensure that the College of Health Sciences, Otukpo is elevated to it's rightful place.

He does not low his trumpet, but action speaks lauder than words.
As for those who will not stop murmuring like the biblical Israelites, I want to use this medium to advise you to that negative mentality of "pull him down" syndrome.

Chief Audu Ogbeh deserves the support of all Idoma sons and daughters irrespective of political party affiliations.

He is a gift and blessing to particularly the Idoma Nation. Instead of waiting for every slight opportunity to discredit his good work, let's embrace his noble ideas and encourage him to do more for us.
The "prophets of doom" who think that nothing good could come from Nazareth, should have a rethink.

Idoma Nation is above any individual no matter his or her position.
Therefore, the interest of Idoma is above every consideration.
I want to also thank all those that have been supporting the minister to contribute to the change agenda of the Buhari's administration.


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