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(MUST READ) Latest update on Peace Corps of Nigeria

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, April 21, 2017 | 4:00:00 AM

Let me use a nursery elaboration to explain this to those block headed antagonist whom still find it hard to understand that peace corps won't decent for cheap shared functions .

Fanta, coke and sprite are produced by same bottling companies with same test without fear of conflictions with pespi and merinda.

And Even at the small nature and quantity of cokes product, its sales, price and quality still overrides the big Pepsi bottle in the market. So calm down, its not by seniority but simple diplomacy.

The bird family are one in animal classification but work differently as some are meant to live on trees with wings, some float on water, while some lives with man and they never confront or conflicted themselves apart from the hungry hulks who goes around looking for unnecessary trouble by picking up innocent and peaceful chickens from the ground which isn't its base.

There won't be a confliction of works Among us because our designs are clearly different just as a Range rover sport jeep and a pickup vans are built for a different purpose but are both called cars.
just like cars are meant to run on the road while planes are to fly by air, trains run through the rail ways and boats sails through the sea but they all serves as a means of transportation but operates differently with appreciation and this is exactly the same way the Peace Corps will work with other sister organisations with same security objective but different means of operations with understanding and love, Moneke Leonard speaks .

No need to fear the existence of the Peacemen, they won't reduce other organisations strength, salaries or value. just like some cars depends on fuel while some depends on diesel as well as no moving cars can consume the fuel of a packed car which isn't attached to it .

And also is like sharing of candle light which can not reduce the light of a giver candle .
A candle gives out its last light when its about to fade off to a new candle in order to boost up visuals without conflict and this is what the Peace Corps stand, preaches and expect from other sister organisations who should see it as a helping hand to cover lapsed areas in National Security rather than attacking it.

No need to fear since all organisations are run by different leaders and commission, just like cars are run by different drivers with different driving knowledge and its drivers will determine the speed to drive and can never affect the driving pattern of the other driver. Nigerian security needs more than a particular or more than one method in curbing crimes.

No need to fear, we won't share same arms and uniform either since we don't much depend on arms as a diplomatic force which operations are totally different and on normal circumstance is ready to showcase better crime fighting ways than using same old method of other sisters oganisations .

No need to fear, the road and forest will contain us all without a crash on ourselves since we move in same roads but different times, roots, lane and order.

I mean no need for fear, you are on black belt while am a white belt bolder, so the colours are clear enough to differentiate us. You answer your name, we answer ours.

There is no big deal and need for fear since we are sisters under one Nigeria as a mother, we won't clash .
We can't be a threat to you since we are set up to protect same good interest which is the National Interest on peace and unity of the country .

We will always know our difference even though our organisation names begins with the letter "P", we still know our lines.

We won't have to demonstrate power because we speak of peace far from a distance you can't understand except you undergo our one month training despite your 6months training .
The peace corps will bring societal change, rest of mind and the nation will ones sleep again with closed eyes once we are announced .

How can there be a confliction of works when we are created on separate duties?
How can we fight over jurisdiction when we uphold different ideologies???

Drop the confrontation and grudges, let's work as an indivisible one in objective for the Peace and Development of the Nation.

Written by Leonard Moneke

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