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How Idoma-born young soldier, John Onah Ali died - Cousin breaks silence

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, July 29, 2017 | 12:46:00 AM

By Nathaniel Umaru Ali

MY beloved Brother John Onah Ali was sent by government of Nigeria to Maiduguri and Die for a War he knew nothing about,

A War caused by the ignorance and collective failures of our leaders

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Now they left me an Space in my heart, and the government continue in ignorance and failures

They released arrested terrorists
And allow my Brother who has been serving the Nation with love and strength and faith to Die

My Beloved cousin dreams and vision has been ended by the Bokoharam

Oh my Dear Brother , I won't blame death . Because death was forced on you. Death was forced to take you against it's own wish.

I will blame the government and terrorists, because they sent death to you .

A government that could not equipped you to defend the common Man, But can equip themselves with Body guards and exotic cars
They know much more about Bokoharam than you do.

I will hold them responsible for making an Innocent man like you to fight for a War they are guilty of.

My Heart Bleeds, I just can't stop crying and I can't stop cursing the leaders for your sake.

The Bitter truth i can't stand right now is that i can never see you again.

I thought you will come back home

You always pray for long life, But what happened, how i wish you can tell me the reason why God could not give you what you ask for, is Mathew 7:7 a Scam?

You will be buried in the ground, But you will live in my heart.

Rip in Peace Beloved Brother John Onah Ali

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