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NNR: Crisis hits APC in Benue as plots to suspend Onjeh fails

Written By Idoma Television on Sunday, July 16, 2017 | 10:02:00 AM

According to New Nigerian Reporters  

The war of words going on between the former senatorial candidate of the APC, Benue South, Comr. Daniel Onyilofie Onjeh and the chairman of the Benue APC, Comr. Emmanuel Abba Yaro has taken a new turn as plot to suspend Onjeh thickens

New-Nigeria Reporters learnt from a reliable source close to Comr. Onjeh that the former senatorial candidate of the party was summoned by his local government, Ogbadibo, chapter of the party on the directive of the State Chairman of the party, Comr. Abba Yaro, who felt insulted by Onjeh's nameless Facebook post
On the said post, the fearless Comr Onjeh berated "a party chairman" for collecting bribes from party members with a promise to appoint them into juicy positions. In the post, Comr. Onjeh who did not mention any name maintained that such behavior is against the principles of democratic governance  and must be put to an end

The chairman of the party in the State, Comr. Abba Yaro, who felt threatened by Comr. Onjeh's Facebook post called on the Ogbadibo LG APC chairman, Hon. Dangote to summon Onjeh and possibly suspend him till further notice

Analysts watching the scheming politics maintained that this play is a compass to 2019 as Mr. Yaro who seems to be eyeing the senate may be afraid to engage the youthful Comr. Onjeh in the party primaries should he, Onjeh, offer to contest the election for the third time

In the same vein, a chieftain and elder statesman of the party, Hon. Johnson Innalegwu Agada has thrown his weight behind Comr. Onjeh, stressing that those who suffered for the party should be giving its fruit. Chief Johnson Innalegwu Agada regretted that things have rather turned differently and those who joined the party after 2015 election victory are given the upper hand and are cruising around in latest SUVs while those who suffered and built the party at the grassroots are left to die in penury and destitution

Read their reactions on their Facebook pages

Onjeh's Facebook post

"Only the Eyes of the Childhood that Fears the Painted Devil!

In barely 48 hrs after I described a wolf in sheep's clothing in my post, I've received several threats of suspension and expulsion from a party I pioneered its foundation and roots in Benue South, with my time, energy and resources, since 2010.

It's a familiar terrain, tell them: it's only the eyes of the childhood that fears the painted devil! You can't coax or buy my respect, you earn it!

Thank God for the social media! Gone are the days when oppressors and dictators use their deep pockets to kill stories at the conventional print and electronic media!

Silence in the face of injustice is the greatest crime against humanity, especially when it's meted out against the weak and the poor. When they cheat the poor and the weak, they call it business, and when we react on their behalf, they call it unfaithfulness, betrayal, recalcitrant, disobedient, disrespect, violence, etc. I don't belong to a party to be in bondage; I'm inherently an activist, poverty and I have been age long friends, I can't cage my conscience for the sake of favour or patronage. My principles and integrity are intertwined with the the oxygen that I breath, I can't be intimidated! If you don't have stomach for criticism, then change from your evil ways, and do the right thing, simpilcita!

Truth is sharper than a razor blade; the guilty bleeds when it's spoken! In spite of I didn't mention any name, those who feel they perfectly fit the character so describe in my said post are behind this plot. They have worked round the clock to figure out an offense am culpable of, to no avail. Now they are trying to concoct one; a Judas who was with me in good times is being programmed to do a hatchet job. But, surely they shall gather.....

Beware of any man who cannot bear hunger, he's capable of doing just anything!

Thanks to all who stood with me in good and bad times!"

Johnson I. Agada's Facebook Post

"Facebook has asked me what's on my mind? Honestly, I had a sleepless night as my people of Apc stock from my home local govt of Ogbadibo inundated my phones with calls in respect to what is happening there.

I'm in pensive moods and hv to cut short my Service in church for lack of concentrations.

 Let me use this medium to appeal to the Governor to intervene in this brewing crisis as the consequences may not be pleasant. Most of our ward chairmen held this party together from the proceed of riding okada, taping palmwine and oil to finance the party. My local govt party chair was one of the biggest trader of cement hence he was nicknamed Dangote. I as the major financial had a construction company in Enugu and dashed home frequently to build the party from Ac to Acn  and Apc.

None of us hv being in PDP before but those who mocked us, calling us money miss road whom we defeated at the poll are now the power broker threaten ward chairmen, party secretary and anyone with a voice with illegal expulsion to pave way for shameless power mongers.

We led our people to win Ogbadibo for Apc during the last governorship election so was Ohimini, Oju and otukpo yet some dubious people will claim zone c didn't vote for Apc.

 I was Gov. Ortom's director liaison, I was the secretary of the security directorate, next to col. Jando and a member of Dr Adzer Gideon Abya research committee same with the John Chen Kibo,s committee hence coming from Enugu and bearing my own cost. Where is my reward and several other core Apc men and women who labour for what this wicked men without conscience are threatening to pull down.

 Propagandist and sadist were engaged to abuse people who dare to complained and this will surely not help the course of our party. Those who viciously fought us in PDP till the end brought money to buy positions from those with whom we toil to enthroned this government yet we where left empty handed with fake and unrealistic promises when they and their families and cronies are living in opulence. Where is the reward for hardwork, loyalty and perseverance?

 I remembered when the first lady came to my house in Otukpa without money I was forced to cough huge sums to bear the cost of entertainment, transport for the women and logistics at the palace of HRH the Ochotukpa.

 Why were we abandoned to our fate? nobody should provoke us further in the interest of our party as some of us suffered huge losses to bring this party to Government.

I had an accident with my brand new kia optima on the eve of the governorship election and I cannot afford to replaced same till date yet men who contributed nothing to this victory cruise around with the latest model of SUV. While using this opportunity to appeal to our people to remain calm, I'm assuring them that I will NEVER abandoned any of you as an injuring to one is an injury to all as I hv also never benefited anything from Apc in Benue that we labored to build.

As u appear before the kangaroo body set up to try u today in otukpa in other to suspend u by those who u labour to sustain in office, be assured that I, Deacon Johnson Inalegwu Agada is with u.

When I was doing my postgraduate diploma in Theology from the RccG, our motor was we are Christ Ambassadors. U are the ambassadors of Apc and we are proud of u even in tribulations. At the appropriate time if this bull in the China shop is not tamed by those who should act we will "punish them with our votes" Apology to Hon. Rotimi Amaechi"

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