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Special birthday tribute: Genealogy of Ekre Adeichenu Christian

This is the generation of Adeichenu. The offspring of Johnson. The inhabitant of Algranu. 

And it came to pass in those days that there was famine in the land of Ankpa that people hungered for bread.

2.    And a certain hunter, Amuche the son of Onomo journeyed down to south eastern flank of the Niger with his family. And he came to the side of the River Adu and dwelled thereon.

3.    And he called the place Owo Okpa, surely, we have found a way to the stream and we shall thirst no more. And Owukpa as it is known unto this day.

4.    And Amuche took two wives unto himself, Onyobo, the native of Otu Lekpa and Enayi the Etutekpite.

5.    And Onyobo begat Okpe. And Onyobo took in again a bore Amuche a son and she ceased.

6.    And it came to pass that Enayi took in and bore Odu. And in those days, Enayi bore Agbo, Onojo, Agbo and Agada.

7.    And Odu came of age and came forth unto Odeche and he called it, Ai Odu, for here many generations shall come forth from my groin.

8.    And Okpe moved northward and called the place Itabono, for this is a land of gold.

9.    And he took a wife unto himself and she bore him many children. And his wife died, her years were 123.

10.    And in those days that Oduh had more children who founded the many hamlets of Owukpa: Ibeina, Ikprokopi, Alagranu, Ichakwu, Omuchu Anwa, Igado and more.

11.    And in those days that Oduh had Eno, who migrated to Ichakwu, the land of ants.

12.    And Eno had many sons Ojibo. And Ojibo bore Oko and Oko bore Anukwu and Anukwu bore Ekre. Ekre bore Agbo and his brethren and unto this day, the inhabitants of the land are called ai Agbo for they are from the loins of Agbo.

13.    And it came to pass that Ekre had many sons and daughters in the land. He was a great hunter.

14.    And Ekre had Agbo and his brethren.

15.    And it came to pass in those days that Agbo journeyed northward. And he took unto himself a wife, Ikpoyi Achamaga the daughter of Ibochi the son of Aboko of Ichakwu and his wife Ogele of Otukpa land.
And Agbo took Achamaga and wifed her.

16.    And Ikpoyi Achamaga bore Agbo a son and he called him Adeichenu, for this is surely a miracle.

17.    And Ikpoyi Achamaga took in again and bore him more sons and daughters of which was a daughter called Deborah, for a huntress is here.

18.    and it came to pass that Ikpoyi Achamaga had more sons, Charles and Steven and daughters too: Blessing, Ruth and Janet and she ceased.

19.    And it came to pass that Adeichenu had come of age and he came tither unto the city and dwelled there.

20.    And in those days the 28 day of the ninth month in the year of the Lord that Adeichenu said unto his brethren. Come merry with me for the Lord has added another year to me. 

Ekre Christian is the Special Project Director of Idoma Voice Media and editor, The Nigerian Tabloid as well as the CEO of Chadek Creations.

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