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Enenche makes shocking revelations about David Mark at 70

Written By Idoma Television on Sunday, April 8, 2018 | 11:32:00 PM

Popular comedian and writer, Enenche Enenche in this article x-rays former Senate President, David Mark at 70. He bemoans his inability to produce a viable successor, having achieved his political menopause.

On this day in history, at Zungeru in current day Niger state, a child of destiny was born. After 25,567 days of a birth in Zungeru, the world is standing in ovation to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of this life that has made its mark of leadership.

As a youth, he deployed his energy to keep his country as one. He was there when when a nation was coming out of the horrors of war, and his name echoed when abandoned properties management was in news.

He was there countless times for Nigeria and Nigeria has also been there for him too.
Just the way he was there for us, my generation has been there for him too. It was on the wings of my generation that he flew home from exile, when a convoy that started at general hospital Otukpo, ended in Aliade.

It was my generation that followed him to polls, when he won countless elections, both the ones he won by "announcement", the one he won by " birds in the bush" and the recent one he won as a "tribal warrior", who was going to checkmate Tivs dominance over his people through "homeland defence". A battle that is yet to win a medal.

My generation has been there all through the way for him. I am watching closely to see how he would reward my generation.

I was in J.S.S 2 in 1999 when he swore to echo my voice and views from the red chamber of national assembly, 20 years later he is still there doing the same thing WITH NO SUCCESSOR IN VIEW. This is a big leadership minus.

There are miscreants and sycophants who have besieged his dinning table to shout praises inspired by hunger and greed. They are telling him to run for Presidency in 2019.

They are doing this for their own selfish reasons. Sir, the only election that you can contest and likely to win is still the senate. Why pushing you to contest an election that your geopolitical disposition and religion is not so favourable to the political calculation on ground?

Analyzing the body language so far, I see a "presidential" move to generate a political momentum, then eleventh hour collapses it into a senatorial movement, with the campaign promise of going back to be the Senate President again.

I am saying this because I want you to know that a generation has risen that knows what you know and that can not be taken for granted again. Here, elections are won by PVCs and not "birds in the bush" or "announcements".

At 70, I expect that you deploy your descent into statesmanship and mentorship. The next one decade of your life is very crucial in achieving this if you really want to.
There are many factors that are out of place for him. Apa State political gymnastics is no longer 'sellable.' Tiv dominance brouhaha can't generate the required political momentum.
Furthermore, first reading of a bill of the establishment of an institution and a politically motivated well organized reception that followed the first reading of the bill, has not generated the required momentum.

The plying of an uncompleted road and bridge at Oweto, to make a pre-election political gains, never generated the required momentum.

Generating political momentum is as easy as losing it either.
One thing about political power is that, if it is there, it is there, if it is not there it is not there. It doesn't go 'half current,' it is either full current or no current at all, the more you try to get it, the more elusive it appears. You would be seeing it, but can't get it.

At 70, I celebrate your strengths, especially that strength of yours that manages divergent views.
You may not have developed our land and people as envisaged, but you never spilled our blood to silence us when we cried out.

Despite your numerous shortcomings as a natural man, for this we celebrate you and wish you happy birthday.

Happy 70th Birthday Distinguished Senator David Mark GCON
Enenche Enenche (Comedian)
Abuja, Nigeria.

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