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Meet 11 Most influential Social media personalities in Idoma land

Complied by James Ewaoche Ameh  

Social media has gone beyond chatting and making new friends.
While others are using their handles to catch fun, these individuals are using theirs to touch lives and make meaningful impacts.

Sunday Itodo (Yemi Itodo)
Sunday Itodo, famously known as Yemi Itodo is an unapologetic controversaist.
A proud card-carrying member of the People’s Democratic Party in Benue Zone C.

He doesn’t shy away from telling anyone who cares to listen; that he’s a die-hard member of the former ruling party, but when it comes to line of his job – journalism, he abides by the ethics that guide the noble profession.
Controversy is his middle name; they go pari passu like smoke and fire.
Yemi Itodo is to Idoma community what Piers Morgan is to the American nation.
Fearless, brutal and articulate, that is what he spews.   
Ridding on the wings of his social media handles,  Yemi Itodo has helped many lives in the Idoma land through up-to-date reportage on his DayBreak Times and Facebook Page.
It took his intervention many years ago to help the dream of a young girl who was admitted into the Nigeria Law School but no money to pursue her dream.
Itodo, fondly called the Jagunmolu of Idoma land, reechoed the cry of the young lady though his Facebook page and within one week, the money was raised by well-meaning social media friends.
The above was one of his numerous contributions to the society through social media. 

He is one of the most sought after Media Consultants in Abuja, where Senators, Ministers and Governors patronize his service. 

Recently, he was inducted into the Diplomatic Correspondents Association of Nigeria, by the EU Ambassador to Nigeria. Currently, he’s the Chairman of the National Assembly New Media.

Akioyamen Josephine
She is a messaging genius. She is resolute, consistent, and fearless. Josephine Akioyamen is a woman of many colours.
Akioyamen no doubt administrates the largest social media platform in Idoma land – Idoma People of Nigeria (IPN) where she churns out articles on the need for leadership to sit up and work.
Though based in faraway Canada, she is abreast of happenings back home than even some Benue residents. For this Amazon from Okpokwu, in Idoma land, olohi mnole (Charity begins at home).
Enenche Obonyilo
Unarguably one of the most popular Idoma sons on social media, Enenche Obonyilo Peters is a force to reckon.
Enenche caught the attention of many Idoma sons when he headlined the campaign for the reconstruction of Otukpo-Otukpa road alongside Ameh Comrade Godwin and Andy Obeya.
His analyses on topical issues leave many people with mouth agape.
Though a stand up comedian and MC, whenever he roars on social media, the camp of corrupt leaders trembles.
Patience Ekoja (Gburu Gburu)
She’s a ‘necessary evil’ that can’t be completely pushed to the corner. Patience Ekoja, simply known as Ochanya Patience is a social media high priestess.
She prides herself as Gburu Gburu Eze Nwanyi One, whatever that means; Ochanya is a known voice on Mark Zuggebarg Street.
Your day is incomplete without sipping from her daily fresh ‘sweet-bitter’ wine.
Though, highly misrepresented by many, this self-appointed Class Captain of Idoma social media would not hesitate to knock any politician who goes the Aldof Hitler way.
She commands huge followership on social media, particularly Facebook where she entertains her fans with witty posts and as well bares her mind on the way forward for the Idoma community.

Naomi Oboyi (Naomi D Diva)
If you are one of those that say a ‘jack of all trade is master of none,’ then you must have a rethink because this popular axiom has been overridden.  
Have you ever seen anyone who excels virtually in every profession she ventures into? Miss Oboyi does and she never disappoints.
After successfully entering into the OAPs Hall of Fame, Naomi D’Diva as she’s known made a bold announcement on the Nigerian digital media circle with the launch of her self-titled blog many years ago.
She’s no doubt the Idoma social media poster girl.
Determined to expand her media coverage, the young Idoma journalist floated the NewszoneNigeria news portal where she churns out latest news and opinions, especially from Benue corner.
Oboyi, who enjoys cut following on all the top three social media platforms- viz: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a firm believer of the girl child, who uses her handles to write against exploitation of women through beauty pageantry.
Her article, entitled ‘the madness of beauty pageant in Benue State’ is a must read.
Andy Kaggwa Obeya
Andy, from the famous Obeya dynasty is one of the few Nigerians who are outside the shores of the country but their hearts still lie back home.
He was among the social media personalities, who brought the change in government, thereby spoiling the plan of the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party to rule Nigeria for 60. 
His analyses on social media are often crude but apt and influential. 
He is using his social media contacts to raise funds for the renovation of the abandoned Otukpo Library. 

Ameh Comrade Godwin 

Ameh Comrade Godwin (Azikiwe) is one of the pioneers of what is now known as social media movement for good government in Nigeria today, particularly on his home soil, Benue State.
Aside owning one of the most popular news portals and newspapers in Benue State; Ameh is an eagle with golden feathers.
A man of little words, shy and reserved; but his activities on social media are visible to even the blind man.
He writes on topical issues bordering on leadership in Benue and Benue South politics and the need for leaders to kill the divide-and-rule spirit.
The Owukpa-born trained journalist would forever be remembered for his campaign on social media alongside his friends – Enenche Comedian and Andy Obeya, many years ago which led to the reconstruction of Otukpo-Otukpa road.
He also used his social media platforms and news portals to fight for the construction of Orokam Owukpa road under the administration of the then governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam.
Azikiwe, as Ameh is fondly called, albeit, not a card carrying member of any political party, but is seen as one of the thorns in the flesh of the current Benue government due to his stance against some ‘invalid’ decisions of the administration.

Philip Agbese
Okanga One of Agila, this is what the Ado-born media enthusiast is fondly called by his fans and followers.
Agbese is believed to be one of the few Idoma sons, who have touched many youths in the society.
The acclaimed Chief Priest/Bishop of Ado Shrine has empowered many young persons he had met on social media from the Southern side of the Benue River.
He recently added another feather to his cap with the float of his Television Nigeria.
He also publishes The Nigerian News online.

Peterhot Apeh
He has one of the amazing middle names. Ejelikwu Ikwuta, meaning they offered him to death but he was rejected.
Little wonder he pens his thoughts fearlessly, not minding whose ox is gored.
Administrating the second largest Facebook group dominated by Idoma natives – Idoma Governors Support Group, Peterhot Apeh is a principality on social media community in Benue South.
In 2014, he was whisked by the DSS for headlining the one million-man campaign in Makurdi for an Idoma governor.
His blog, New Nigerian Reporter is a deadly weapon against corrupt politicians and public servants.

Adoyi Dr. West
Dr. West Adoyi Ujah, Achinji Godogo makes meaning on social media, no doubt.
Though controversial, but his opinions and comments about governance in Idoma land are always faultless and apposite.
He cables whoever sees political office as a business venture and supports any leader that chooses to serve than lead.

Barr. Paul Edeh
He is not one of your daily posters on social media. He’s of the opinion that a dog that barks doesn’t bite.
If you are looking for news or latest updates from Nigeria, his wall is a no-go area but behind his silence lies a man with a generous heart.
A popular entertainer once came out to testify how Bar Edeh gave him a house after they both met on Facebook.
Leading the One Idoma Initiative, a social cultural group, the youthful lawyer has reached out to most of contacts on social media.
Others, who deserves to be mentioned are: Abel Ankeli, King Shedrack, Caleb Abah, Manex Johnson, Dan Atayi, Peter Oriri and many others.


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