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INTERVIEW: Miss Idoma, Ochanya Catherine reveals her kind of man, memorable day

In this interview with our Publisher, AMEH COMRADE GODWIN, Miss Idoma 2017, HRM Ochanya Catherine Sunday reveals her ideal man. Her road to fame as well as how she handles male fans.


How did you feel when you won the keenly contested crown?

At first, I was surprised because it wasn’t easy contesting amidst other beautiful girls, but I was happy. Very happy


What change did the Miss Idoma crown bring to your life?

It has helped me to become a better person, has made me bold, courageous and outspoken and has given me a new phase of life.


How did your parents react when you picked the form and how did they feel when you emerged winner?

My parents were supportive and a source of encouragement and they were the happiest persons on earth when I won.


Did it occur to you that you where going to win?

No, but I put in my best so I could win.

Prior to your becoming the Miss Idoma, what were you doing?

I was schooling and also into fashion designing.


How has life been treating you as a queen?

Life has fair; though full of adventures surprises, challenges, growth, excitement and overwhelming happiness.


Why did you win, were you the most beautiful girl among the other contestants?

I was not the most beautiful, I believed grace located me and I won.


As a queen, what do you intend to achieve before handing over your crown later this year?

As a queen, I intend to touched the lives of youths, children, orphans and the less privileged.

I read somewhere that one of the judges dated you; was that what gave you the crown?

I never dated any of the judges and I don’t believe in dating a judge to win a crown, I believe in self esteem and hard work.


If you are given the chance to change anything about yourself, what would that be?

I wouldn’t have change anything because I believe if I had change anything I wouldn’t have been where I am today


How do you handle pressure from male admirers?

I try not to be rude and I don’t give them the room to take advantage of me


Would you tell us your ideal man?

A God fearing man

Kate Sunday, Miss Idoma

What if your man tells you to leave showbiz?

If my man tells me to leave showbiz of which I know he will not, I will simply explain to him the reason while I need to stay


What will be your pet project?

I have three pet projects, which I tagged project gold, diamond and silver. However, would rather not disclose them now until they come into fruition.

What do you love most about yourself?

The fact that I am a lady of distinct character is what I love most about myself.


We heard you dumped your boyfriend after winning the crown, why?

You know that can’t be true. I don’t think we should dig deep into my private life.


What advice do you have for other beauty queens out there?

My advice to other beauty queens is to be a good role model and to seek God first in everything they do.



I am from Benue State in Ogbadibo L.G.A. a native of Otukpa to be precise.



I am 23 years old


Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is green


Role Model

My role is former Miss World, Agbani Darego


Animal Man

I will be a lioness


Male Rolde Model



Life and Lessons

Life has taught me to be strong and fearless to face any challenges coming my way.


Memorable Day

My memorable day in life was the day I won Miss Idoma.


Ideal Man

A God fearing man


Spiritual Father

God Almighty and Pastor Michael Ewache



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