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REVEALED! Doyin Okupe finally identifies those behind killings in Benue

By Jesse Oche


A former presidential spokesperson, Dr. Doyin Okupe identified those behind the incessant killings in some parts of the country are not from Nigeria.

Okupe said that those responsible for the killings are a breakaway faction of Boko Haram that had actually teamed up with ISIS, noting that the killings were no longer a case of farmers/Fulani herdsmen clash.


“Let us speak the truth and let the devil be ashamed. We have ISIS operating in Nigeria and it is another form of extreme Islamic fundamentalism in a very vicious and dangerous form.

” If you look at it, Boko Haram is located in the North East and not going beyond the zone. But if you see what is going on now, we have some very serious attacks in Benue, Jos, Kaduna, Zamfara, Kano, Kogi, Edo and Ekiti. That is no longer Fulani herdsmen attack.

“By my own understanding, the Fulani herdsman is very protective of his herds. He overreaches himself in the provision of food and water for the herds. I don’t see a Fulani man after having fed his cows, burning the farm in which the cows have eaten and going to the villagers that own the farms to kill and burn them. It doesn’t make any sense. That has gone beyond tendering cattle. It is something that is beyond 400-500 years. It has been from the time we existed here.

“These Fulani go around West Africa with their cattle in search of food and water. They metamorphosed into armed militias. If strange, it is not in conformity with what we have. And it is a misnomer to say there is a Fulani /farmers clash. A clash is when one group fights another. No farmer is clashing with herdsmen here.



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